Anna Witt
And If I Devoted My Life To One Of Its Feathers?
Group exhibition curated by Miguel A. Lopéz
Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
May 15 – Sep 26, 2021

“‘And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers?’ writes the Chilean poet, artist, and activist Cecilia Vicuña in an untitled poem from the late 1960s/early 1970s. With this question Vicuña counters anthropocentric and hetero-patriarchal urges with healing and appreciation, reviving the aesthetic and spiritual bonds between human and non-human entities and worlds.

In keeping with these aspirations, the exhibition curated by Miguel A. López, reflects on the rationale of exploitation, the fast-paced mining of raw materials, and environmental destruction as a colonial legacy. It tells the story of Indigenous struggles for collective survival and celebrates encounters defined by solidarity in their resistance to misogyny, imperialist violence, and state oppression. Some of the contributions are a specific response to the Covid-19 pandemic – not just as a health crisis, but also as one of ecological and social justice.”

Anna Witt
Group exhibition curated by Frederike Quander
Kunsthalle Bremen
Aug 26 – Aug 30, 2022
Anna Witt
What Can Be Done? Praktiken der Solidarität
Group exhibition curated by Michaela Geboltsberger
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich
Jul 9, 2022
Anna Witt
Nominated for the Prize of the Böttcherstraße in Bremen 2022
Kunsthalle Bremen
Anna Witt
Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf, Schlehdorf
May 15 – May 31, 2022