Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius produces stunning shots of nudes, still life, and intimate self portraits. Raw sexuality and naked bodies punctuate her work, often depicting her close friends, lovers, and herself. Her photography captures quiet moments of intimacy and hidden beauty that would usually remain unseen by the outside world, as if ripped from the pages of her diary. At times luminous, then hazy – always intense and thought provoking – her work reads like poetry, inviting the audience to discover and be captivated by her motifs. Her aesthetics convey undeniable truth, never shying away from vulnerability, revealing the delicate that deserves to be seen. 

Selected works







Lina Scheynius

Born 1981 in Vänersborg, Sweden
Lives and works in London

Solo exhibitions (selected)


MELK Gallery, Oslo



Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


Exhibition 04
Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich


Exhibition 03
Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokio


Exhibition 02
MELK Gallery, Oslo 



Exhibition 01
Christophe Guye Galerie, Düsseldorf 



Solo show 01
The Last Tuesday Society, London

Group exhibitions (selected)



Centre de la Photographie Genève



Fotografiska Talent 2018

Fotografiska, Stockholm


Seinius + Scheynius

Kanuas Photo festival, Kaunas


Unseen 2018, Amsterdam



Photo London 2017

Somerset House, London


Zeit Magazine

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg 



Vogue Foto Festival

Base Milano



Welt – Bilder 6

Helmhaus, Zurich


Visual LEADER 2015

Deichtorhallen, Haus der Photographie, Hamburg



Brandt Museum of Photographic Art, Odense


Memory Lab. Photography Challenges History, European Month of Photography

MHNA, Luxembourg



Memory Lab. Photography Challenges History, European Month of Photography

MUSA, Vienna


Foto Expo: Close

Het NutsHuis, Den Haag



Male Nudes – Female Desires

Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin



New Documents booth

Nofound photofair, Paris

What’s next? The future of photography

Foam Museum, Amsterdam



Nofound to New Documents

Viktor Wynd fine art Inc, London

New Document’s booth

Access & Paradox 2010 art fair, Paris


Portraits de Villes

Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris



Looking for Love

Vidvinkel at Centrum for fotografi, Stockholm


Vidvinkel + GFCv Stockholms kulturfestival

Everything is possible: a polaroid Groupshow

Gallery space at Space 15 twenty, Los Angeles



Lina Scheynius diary

Slide Nite, Berlin

Örebro Open Art, Örebro, Sweden, Resurrection

The National Arts Club, New York


Various Photographs

New York photo festival

Kern and sons

Gallery Mycroft, Paris


Swedish Destiny and Adventure

Sebastian Guiness Gallery, Dublin


First impressions last




In the light of night

The Winter Gallery, Toronto 


Set Foot – Absolut Sweden festival 


Filmbase, Dublin

Lina Scheynius

Born 1981 in Vänersborg, Sweden
Lives and works in London

Artist Books

“11”, by Lina Scheynius, September 2019.

Edition of 500.


“FLOWERS”, by Fountain Books, 2018


“10”, by Lina Scheynius, October 2017.

Edition of 500.


“09”, by Lina Scheynius, January 2017.

Edition of 1000.


“08”, by Lina Scheynius, February 2016.

Edition of 1000.


“07”, by Lina Scheynius, November 2014.

Edition of 650.


“06”, by Lina Scheynius, March 2014.

Edition of 1000.


“05”, by Lina Scheynius, September 2013.

Edition of 1000.


“04”, by Lina Scheynius, November 2012.

Edition of 500.


“03”, by Lina Scheynius, May 2011.


Sarajevo”, by Pre-Poles, 2010


“02”, by Lina Scheynius, May 2009

Edition of 500


“01”, by Lina Scheynius, 2008



Die Perspektive Zählt, Achtung Digital, May 2019


Tanja Wagner zeigt Lina Scheynius: Lust und Frust, Tagesspiegel, April 2019


Lina Scheynius, Monopol, Februar 2019


‘Body’ ist eine Hommage an die wunderschöne Merkwürdigkeit des eigenen Körpers, Vice, February 2019


Buy the young, HotShoe, June 2017


Lina Scheynius, by Dominique von Burg, Kunstbulletin, March 2017


Was ist Intimität?, by Jaqueline Krause-Blouin, Annabelle, March 2017


Frobidden Fruit, by Liberty Dye, Wallpaper*, January 2017


09 in Lina Scheynius’ ongoing series of photobooks, by Olivia Cheves, British Journal of Photography – BJP, January 2017


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08: A photo Book by Lina Scheynius, by Teresa Sutter, Lomography, April 2016


The photo collective capturing youth’s oddities, by Liv Siddall, DAZED, June 2015


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The Diary of Lina Scheynius, by Shizuka Kitani, Tokyo Art Beat, January 2015


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aesthetically exhibitions 02 (excerpts from the diary series), by Chris – Art Happenings, Lodown Magazine, March 2014


‘Sex, sunlight and the model Mariacarla: Lina discusses her defining subjects with fellow artist Phoebe Collings-James’, by Phoebe Collings-James, Love Magazine, January 2014


‘Bleiche Haut, ein zarter Farbschmelz‘, by Marc Peschke, ARTMAPP, November 2013


Mothers, by Jens Hinrichsen, Monopol – Portfolio, November 2013


VOYEURE WILLKOMMEN, by Antonio Haefeli, Friday Magazin: Culture Club, August 2013


Alle Lust will Ewigkeit, Monopol, February 2013


Fotografin Lina Scheynius: Male Nudes Female Desire in Berlin, by Spiegel Online, February 2013


Lina Scheynius, Le Monde, December 2012


Lina Scheynius: diary autumn 2010, Monopol, April 2011


Dispaches, Art Review, April 2009