Anna Witt
Screen Matters – The Screen As A Place Of Work
Online symposium
The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Vienna
Mar 17 – Mar 31, 2022

“The online symposium Screen Matters – The Screen As A Place Of Work directs its focus on different screens surrounding us as well as on the working environments that can be found on and behind their surfaces. In the symposium, the screen will not only function as a space of production, presentation, and communication but also as the subject of theoretical and artistic investigations. Playfully examining the possibilities of a pre-recorded virtual symposium, Screen Matters experiments with different forms of audiovisual artistic research. With essayistic artist talks, interviews, and video works by artists, thinkers, and writers, we aim to create an international conversation in which we reflect upon the economic and socio-political entanglements of the screen.“

4. Amtsalon
With works by Annabel Daou, Šejla Kamerić, Kapwani Kiwanga, Anna Steinert, Angelika J. Trojnarski, Grit Richter and Anna Witt
Gallery Pop Up
Amtsalon, Berlin
Dec 1 – Dec 3, 2022
Anna Witt
Group exhibition curated by Andreas Beitin und Uta Ruhkamp
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Sep 10, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023
Anna Witt
Group exhibition curated by Nikolas Geier, Patrick Mahr & Franziska Blume
Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin
Jul 25 – Aug 1, 2022
Anna Witt
Kunstpreis der Böttcherstraße in Bremen 2022
Group exhibition curated by Frederike Quander
Kunsthalle Bremen
Aug 26 – Aug 30, 2022