Kapwani Kiwanga
Space explorer – an interview with Kapwani Kiwanga
by Edward Behrens
APOLLO - The International Art Magazine
Mar 27, 2024

I f there is one mood that characterises a conversation with Kapwani Kiwanga, the Canadian artist who is representing her country at this year’s Venice Biennale, it is thoughtfulness. She speaks with a measured consideration that is all too rare in the conversation of artists. Each word is weighed, evaluated and considered before it is allowed to stand. Even then it might not be fully satisfactory to her. At one point during our conversation, I quote her own words from a previous interview back to her. She responds, ‘Maybe that’s what I said, those are probably my words, but I think my intention behind those words was…’ before recasting what she said with greater precision.

Kapwani Kiwanga
Stories Written
Group exhibition curated by Eliza Lips
Museum Haus Konstruktiv Zurich, Zürich
May 30 – Sep 8, 2024
Kapwani Kiwanga
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Space explorer – an interview with Kapwani Kiwanga
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