Kapwani Kiwanga
Nine Lives
Group exhibition curated by Karsten Lund and Caroline Picard
Renaissance Society, Chicago
Sep 12 - Nov 15, 2020

Nine Lives takes shape around a diverse set of protagonists, as if this exhibition were a collection of short stories or personal essays told from different points of view. These figures—whether real or imagined—come forward in the artworks, which offer intimate but imperfect access to their respective lives. Each work holds the residual impression of a moment, a journey, an effort, or a thought, with varying degrees of legibility. […]”

DISCUSSION: SAT, OCT 24, 2020, 3PM (US time zone)
Nine Lives participating artist Kapwani Kiwanga is joined by South African sculptor Bronwyn Katz, whose own work is simultaneously on display in the exhibition Upkeep at the Arts Club of Chicago. Their conversation, moderated by Romi Crawford, hinges on their shared engagements with sculpture, materials, storytelling, and revisited histories, as well as the intersecting themes of the two exhibitions in which they are participating.


Kapwani Kiwanga
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