Laurel Nakadate
A Measured Life: Laurel Nakadate’s Temporal Photographs
Dagmara Genda
Berlin Art Link
Jun 27, 2023

Laurel Nakadate’s work has a lot to do with time and the necessary changes that come with it. In the early noughts she became well known for provocative, strange videos, such as ‘Oops’ (2000), which she staged as a 20-something in the homes of older men she met by chance on the street. The ironic, strangely tender and ambiguously exploitative works were possible because of her youth, as was the media’s sometimes aggressive reaction. Since around 2011, the artist has moved away from featuring herself in the starring role—not least because her “body was up for discussion at all times,” as she explains during our interview—and started to focus on extended notions of family, though in a rather elegiac and melancholy way.

Laurel Nakadate
Group exhibition
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Denver
Sep 29, 2023 – Feb 18, 2024
Laurel Nakadate
Group exhibition
DePaul Art Museum, Chicago
Sep 7, 2023 – Feb 11, 2024
Laurel Nakadate
Mama Mia
Group exhibition curated by Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan
Willumsen’s Museum, Frederikssund
Jun 17 – Jun 23, 2022
Laurel Nakadate
Mother Line
Solo exhibition curated by Lily Siegel and Donald Russell
Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art, Reston
Jan 22 – May 29, 2022
Laurel Nakadate
Fiction? Better than Reality
Group exhibition curated by Deborah Bay
Villa Merkel, Esslingen
Sep 5 – Nov 14
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Laurel Nakadate
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