2016 | Angelika J. Trojnarski – Central Trak, Dallas

Angelika J. Trojnarski
Mensura. Measuring the World
Solo exhibition
Central Trak, Dallas
March 5 - April 16, 2016

“The first in a series of solo exhibitions presented at CentralTrak this Spring is the Polish-born/Dusseldorf-based artist Angelika J. Trojnarski.  The exhibition named “Mensura: Measuring the World” opens with a reception at CentralTrak on Saturday, March 5 from 8-10pm. The exhibition will continue through April 16.
Trojnarski’s paintings refer to historical scientific discoveries of the 18th and 19th century that provide the foundation for contemporary industrial development. The motifs employed by the artist in these abstract works include electro-magnetic experiments and phenomenon, optics, gravity, astronomy and space…”


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Mit diesem Schiff stirbt die Welt
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Berliner Zeitung
July 19, 2011