Annabel Daou
I will worry for you (from dusk till dawn)
The Lobby, New York
Mar 21 - 22, 2020

“For this new durational performance, Annabel Daou is asking participants to take on each other’s worries for a brief period of time, remaking the negotiation of private anxieties into a communal experience.

From dusk on March 21 until dawn on March 22, participants will take turns pacing the lobby for a given period with a set of worry beads in their hands and someone else’s worries on their minds.

Participants will walk at their own pace and are asked to focus on the worry that has been entrusted to them by the previous pacer, who is asked to allow someone else to shoulder their concern for a little while. Once each participant’s turn is up, they will hand off the worry beads and one of their own worries to the next participant, who will continue to pace back and forth until they are replaced by the next person, and so on until dawn.

Each participant will receive one of a series of works made in conjunction with this project in recognition of their participation.”

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