Annabel Daou

Annabel Daou

Annabel Daou’s work takes place at the intersection of writing, speech, and non-verbal modes of communication. Her paper- and tape-based constructions, sound pieces, and performances explore the language of power, intimacy and self-encounter. Among her interests is our intangible relationship to time and presence. Daou’s work is often constructed out of lightweight, seemingly ephemeral materials that both indicate and resist a sense of objecthood. Her performances and sound pieces frequently involve interactions with random strangers, and the process of asking questions and recording or transcribing the answers.

Selected works







Annabel Daou

Born in Beirut, Lebanon
Lives and works in New York

Scholarships and awards


CentralTrak in Dallas


Biennial Award at Cairo Biennale


Brown Foundation Fellows Residency


Dora Maar House (MFAH), Ménerbes


2002 – 2007
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Center Residency in New York

Solo exhibitions, performances and projects (selected)

When in the course of human events
Signs and Symbols, New York


Spring Open Studios, New York


signs and symbols, New York


if you only knew
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


Chou Hayda? an audio guide project
by Annabel Daou and the people of Beirut
The Beirut Museum of Art, Beirut


life itself

Conduit Gallery, Dallas



Leila Heller Gallery

, New York



53 Orchard Street, New York


I don’t care about your body
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


a million times
Albertz Benda, New York


your secret is safe with me
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


Conduit Gallery, Dallas


‘Meanwhile…History’, performance
Art Dubai‘s Global Art Forum, Dubai


come back to the war
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


you say i want a revolution
Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York


repaired landscapes
Conduit Gallery, Dallas


David Winton Bell Art Gallery, Brown University, Providence


Sex & Politics
Conduit Gallery, Dallas


a book of hours
Gallery Joe, Philadelphia


Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York


ideas about the thing and the thing itself
Gallery Joe, Philadelphia


The Last Painting Show
Conduit Gallery, Dallas


installation at the EFA Studio Center, New York


Conduit Gallery, Dallas


a million years
Conduit Gallery, Dallas


Entwistle Gallery, London


Rachel Harris Gallery, Fort Worth


20th Century Fiction
Rachel Harris Gallery, Fort Worth

Group exhibitions (selected)


Dissolving Artifacts
Studio 200, New York


Rituals of Regard and Recollection, 
Law Warschaw Gallery, St. Paul, MN


After Europe
Sophiensaele, Berlin


Reclaiming Our Time
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD), Milwaukee


The Naked Truth. A European history.
Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede


Living Room UIT (Use it together)
iscp – International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York


Privacy in Public
Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York


The Queens English: Who Owns It?
City Lore, New York


Fünfter Akt
Trabanten, Düsseldorf


Walk the Distance and Slow Down
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado


Galerie Tanja Wagner, New York


Acts of Sedition
WhiteBox, New York


Stages of Trust
Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz


The Big Other
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


White Cube…Literally. On Form and convention of display
Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai


What We Call Love: From Surrealism To Now
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin


Beirut Exhibition Center


Wicked Problem
EFA Project Space, New York City


Art=Text=Art: Works by Contemporary Artists
UB Anderson Gallery, University at Buffalo, New York


Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


Simply Drawn: Gifts to the Columbus Museum from the Collection of Wynn Kramarsky
Columbus Museum, Columbus


Marking Language
Drawing Room, London


Art=Text=Art: Drawings, prints, and artists’ books from the Sally and Wynn Kramarsky Collection
The Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art, Hafnarfjörður


The Emo Show
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York


A.I.R. GALLERY, New York


Sunday Sessions hosted by Nikolaus Hirsch & Markus Miessen / fortune
PS1, New York


Art=Text=Art: Works by Contemporary Artists
Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick


Discussing Metamodernism
Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin


Beyond The Chaos Between Intelligence And Beauty
Osart Gallery, Milan


University of Richmond Museums, Richmond, Virginia


Drawn / Taped / Burned: Abstraction on Paper
Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah


states of ruin
Free Museum of Dallas, Dallas


Cairo Biennale (representing the US)


New York Chronicles
Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha


On the Mark: Contemporary Works on Paper
The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore


First Supper
Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York


Close Encounters 2
Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York / Denison Museum, Granville


Museum On The Seam, Jerusalem


On, Of or About: 50 paper works
Texas State University, San Marco


Microwave 7
Judi Rotenberg Gallery, Boston


Gallery Joe, Philadelphia


New York New Drawings 1946-2007
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Esteban Vicente, Segovia


KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin / Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi, Lodz (2009)


Indexing the Moment
CADD Artlab, Dallas


Democracy in America
The Park Avenue Armory, New York


Abecedarium for Our Times
apexart, New York


Homebase III
New York


Indexical Frontiers
Inova, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee


Text Messages
Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York


Monumental Drawings
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio


Drawn Twice
The Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs


Double Exposure
Makor Gallery, New York


Gallery Joe, Philadelphia


Under Construction
SICA, Long Branch


Featured Artist
ArteEast Virtual Gallery


Ruined Cities, installation/sound project
EFA Studio Center, New York


The Dreamland Artist’s Club
Coney Island


neXXt metroplex- Artists in their twenties
The MAC, Dallas


Six Painters
Purdy Hicks Gallery, London


The Book as Object in Art
Wifredo Lam Center, Havana


Quinta Bienal de La Habana (The Fifth Biennial of Havana)

dBfoundation Projects (

We Are Not an Arab Artist, New York Chronicles

Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha


Home Base IV
New York


Phillips Collection, Washington


i prefer not
The Park Avenue Armory, New York


Mulberry, New York


Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles


EFA Gallery, New York

Annabel Daou

Born in Beirut, Lebanon
Lives and works in New York


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