Kapwani Kiwanga
1 Million Roses for Angela Davis
Group exhibition
Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden
Oct 10, 2020 - Jan 24, 2021

“Few East Germans over the age of fifty fail to remember the state-organized solidarity campaign calling for the release of the US philosopher, communist and Black Power activist Angela Davis. “A million roses for Angela” was the motto of a postcard campaign in 1970-72 in support of Davis, who at the time was being held under terrorism charges.”

Kapwani Kiwanga
Solo exhibition
Museum Ostwall , Dortmund
May 26 – Aug 6, 2023
Berlin Art:
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May 10, 2023
Kapwani Kiwanga
Public Matters. Contemporary Art in the Belvedere Garden
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May 13 – Oct 1, 2023
Kapwani Kiwanga
The Butterfly Affect
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Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin
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