Šejla Kamerić
Šejla Kamerić: 1395 DAYS WITHOUT RED
Bridge Magazine
Jun, 2020

“Šejla Kamerić is a Bosnian visual artist. She works with various media such as film, photography, objects or drawings. The all-pervading elements in her work are her – often uneasy – memories. She is using them as a power source by sharpening the focus of the present through the burden past.

Based on her own experiences, memories and dreams, her work takes us to glocal spaces of displacement and discrimination. The sadness and beauty, hope and pain that shine out of her works are part of the stories we share. The weight of her themes stands in powerful contrast to her individual aesthetics and to her choice of delicate materials.

She is a laureate of several important awards, regional and wider European, among which the European Cultural Foundation Princess Margriet Award for Cultural Diversity. We are publishing three pictures from her video “1395 Days without Red”, one of her most well-known works.   “

4. Amtsalon
With works by Annabel Daou, Šejla Kamerić, Kapwani Kiwanga, Anna Steinert, Angelika J. Trojnarski, Grit Richter and Anna Witt
Gallery Pop Up
Amtsalon, Berlin
Dec 1 – Dec 3, 2022
Šejla Kamerić
In Conversation With Boris Buden and Hana Ćurak
Watch Video
Oct 18, 2022
Šejla Kamerić
Group exhibition
Kunsthaus Dresden
Sep 23 – Nov 6, 2022
Šejla Kamerić
Faking the Real
Group exhibition curated by Katrin Bucher Trantow, Sabine Kienzer
Kunsthaus Graz
Sep 22, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023