Berlin Gallery Weekend 2021: Stalked by Melancholia and Lamentation
Annabel Daou
by William Kherbek
Flash Art
May 5, 2021

“January 21, a country announces its first case of a virus.” “January 23, a city is sealed off to prevent the spread of a virus.” “August 20, a woman feels hopeful.” These events, along with 362 others, are recorded in Annabel Daou’s film a year like any other (2020), which is showing at Galerie Tanja Wagner for Berlin Gallery Weekend 2021. Daou’s video accompanies twelve works on paper that also memorialize the days and months of a year that was both exactly like and nothing like any other. The works profoundly consider the flattening effects created by a year during which the world underwent a traumatic collective experience, very often from the perspective of individual isolation. When one is alone and atomized, a drone strike on a general, an exploding tanker, a firework display all become subsumed in the infinite flow of information about the “outside,” while personal acts like knotting blades of grass together in a park — and being legally allowed to do so — take on the character of headlines.

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