Kapwani Kiwanga
The Sand Recalls the Moon’s Shadow
Solo exhibition curated Ylinka Barotto
Moody Center for the Arts Rice University, Houston, TX
Sep 17 – Dec 19, 2021
Kapwani Kiwanga
Solo exhibition
Museum Ostwall , Dortmund
May 26 – Aug 6, 2023
Berlin Art:
What exhibitions are on now?
May 10, 2023
Kapwani Kiwanga
Public Matters. Contemporary Art in the Belvedere Garden
Group exhibition curated by Christiane Erharter, Sergey Harutoonian, Axel Köhne, Harald Krejci, Claudia Slanar, Luisa Ziaja
Contemporary Art in the Belvedere Garden, Vienna
May 13 – Oct 1, 2023
Kapwani Kiwanga
The Butterfly Affect
Group exhibition curated by Irene Calderoni
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin
May 11 – Oct 15, 2023