Kapwani Kiwanga
Group exhibition curated by Sandrine Colard
Middelheim Museum, Antwerpen
May 29 – Oct 03, 2021
“Guest curator Sandrine Colard uses Congoville as a collection of physical and mental traces from the colonial past in Belgium. These traces are often hidden in plain sight and continue to have a conscious or unconscious effect in today’s society. In this project/exhibition the traces are a school building, a parc, imperialist myths, but also the presence of people with African roots (who are) born in Belgium. Fifteen international artists inhabit the imaginary city Congoville where they guide the visitor over the Middelheim site. They walk as ‘black flâneurs’ through present and history and guide us in a quest to represent once again an open and shared public space. Their artistic practice presents different and new perspectives to a history that is too often told from a single perspective. Together with Leuven University Press, Middelheim Museum is publishing an exhibition catalogue in which, alongside interviews with the artists, numerous authors, academics and experts zoom in and out on the project.”
Kapwani Kiwanga
in Conversation with Massimiliano Gioni
New Museum
Sep 29, 2022, 6:30 pm
Kapwani Kiwanga
Curated By 2022 - Peripheral Sun
Group exhibition curated by Kami Gahiga
Vin Vin Gallery, Vienna
Sep 11 – Oct 8, 2022
Kapwani Kiwanga
Radcliffe Fellowship
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Harvard University
2022 - 2023
Kapwani Kiwanga
The New York Times
'To Illuminate History, an Artist Turns Out the Lights'
By Aruna D’Souza
Jul 21, 2022